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Show me the GHOST!

I was asked an interesting question last night during my "Haunted Tales of Newcastle", ghost walk.
Mind you, it hasn't been the first time this question has been asked.
I hear it often.
It will come from people who have never had their own experience and are genuinely interested in the paranormal and have moved on from what they see in the movies.

The question?
How DO people see ghosts?
Or maybe it's better to say - in what forms do they appear to people?


That might sound funny to you, but for those that have never had an experience, they have no real conceptual idea of how it happens.

Is it like it is shown in the movies?
Do they come out in their long white 1800's nighties with hair covering their faces?
Do they move or stand staring at you from the darkest corner of the room with red glowing eyes?
Are they just formless black vapors that are seen slithering through the cracks in the ceiling?

Holy shit - that's enough to scare the c…

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